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A ceremony in San Francisco today kicked off the 75th anniversary celebrations for the Golden Gate Bridge – and Governor Jerry Brown used the occasion to tout high speed rail as another example of California “thinking big”: Brown said there is huge potential in the 520-mile rail system that would stretch from San Francisco to […]

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The San Francisco Chronicle’s John King has a truly fascinating article in today’s paper examining the debate over whether to build the Golden Gate Bridge, a debate that reached a head in the fall of 1930 ahead of a public vote to approve bond funding. Flickr photo by Salim Virji Critics depicted the bridge as […]

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Its cost doubled over initial estimates, with critics charging its final price would be as much as five times what voters approved. It was the target of numerous lawsuits and was denounced as an unaffordable and unnecessary boondoggle. “It” is the Golden Gate Bridge, widely regarded as one of the great triumphs of California infrastructure. […]

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Although most Americans who know anything about high speed rail associate the trains primarily with France and Japan, it is Spain that has had some of the most dramatic success with high speed rail this decade. The AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) trains have attracted significant numbers of riders in a nation whose geography and population […]

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