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It’s Earth Day 2014, but few in the climate activism movement feel much like celebrating. After a hopeful few years in the late ’00s, progress on reducing CO2 emissions has ground nearly to a halt everywhere in North America outside of California. And even within California that progress has slowed. The climate crisis continues to […]

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Governor Jerry Brown is taking the fight against climate change – and those who obstruct action on climate change – to a whole new level. This week the governor announced a new website designed to rebut the people who continue to deny that global warming is real. The site, Climate Change: Just the Facts, is […]

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Climate activist Bill McKibben has a new article out in Rolling Stone that has been generating much discussion and debate lately. Titled Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math, it shows how humanity is on pace to produce carbon emissions that will raise global temperatures significantly greater than we’ve already seen. Given that current temperature increases are […]

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The Riverside Press-Enterprise wants you to believe that somehow Water trumps rail – that California can only afford to do so much in order to meet our challenges here in the 21st century, and that new water conveyance is necessary whereas rail is not: Gov. Jerry Brown has the state’s top infrastructure priorities half right. […]

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