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Another day, another Republican effort to defund high speed rail rejected in Sacramento: tate Sen. Sharon Runner, R-Antelope Valley, announced Wednesday that her legislation to prohibit Cap and Trade funds from being used for High Speed Rail was killed by the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Development Committee. Introduced in the First Extraordinary Session on Transportation […]

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Although I wasn’t able to attend, by the accounts I’ve heard and read, yesterday’s Friends of Caltrain summit in San Carlos was a very worthwhile event that has at least sharpened the discussion about the options available for saving this vital service. Before discussing some of the possible funding sources, it’s worth taking a moment […]

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As part of our ongoing reports on the status of the federal Transportation Bill, we bring you news that Ohio Senator George Voinovich – a Republican who is retiring this year – has called for a higher federal gas tax in order to fund the Transportation Bill. Here’s an excerpt from Sen. Voinovich’s letter, which […]

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In one of the most important lost opportunities of the Obama Administration, the reauthorization of the Transportation Bill has languished. One of the most important policy priorities of this country – shifting the way we move people and goods away from roads and toward more sustainable methods, enabling California HSR to be completed and fueling […]

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