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It looks like the California High Speed Rail Authority has decided to move ahead on finishing up the environmental review process for the other parts of Phase I for the high speed rail project. Last week it was the Peninsula, particularly Palo Alto, that was reminded this project still existed and was moving ahead. This […]

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Recent reports suggest that the “X Train” – a conventional speed passenger rail service from Fullerton to Las Vegas – could become reality next year. And while this isn’t exactly high speed rail, it could demonstrate that there is strong ridership potential for passenger rail service from Southern California to Las Vegas. From the LA […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority has taken a lot of criticism over the last two years for its process and practices, with critics and supporters agreeing that some sort of reform is needed. Today CHSRA CEO Roelof van Ark, still new to the office and the Authority, has taken a big step in the […]

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