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I love everything about this op-ed by Arthur Koster, vice-president of the Fresno City College chapter of I Will Ride, about why Millennials support high speed rail: The high-speed rail network would provide many benefits for millennials by offering faster travel and more job opportunities – both directly through the addition of high-speed rail jobs […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority is about to demolish the Tuolumne Street Bridge in Fresno, connecting downtown to Highway 99 over the Union Pacific tracks, in order to make way for the bullet trains: The bridge, which links Highway 99 with the central business district will eventually be replaced by a new higher bridge […]

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Been offline for most of the last week at Netroots Nation in Phoenix. Got a chance to use the city’s light rail system, which is useful even in the hot sprawl of central Arizona. • Jeff Wood’s latest podcast covers lessons from France and Germany in a conversation with a planner at the FTA. Worth […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority is accelerating its land acquisition process, and that includes using eminent domain where necessary: More than a dozen pieces of land in the Valley have been targeted by the state for possible eminent domain for the first stretches of California’s high-speed train project. The state Public Works Board, meeting […]

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