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Enough about overhyped transportation gizmos – let’s take a look at something real, and realistic, something that is actually being built right now. The California High Speed Rail Authority produced this great video overview of HSR construction in the Fresno area, where things are coming along quickly: That pergola structure, where the HSR tracks cross […]

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This is fantastic: High Speed Rail may have its detractors but at Fresno City College among the young people who will actually use the service, they are saying, I will ride. “People in my age group they haven’t seen a lot of investment in the country. A lot of the stuff that is here was […]

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Yesterday we looked at how Merced’s elected leaders fought to stay in the HSR project as part of the Initial Operating Segment. The Merced Sun-Star and its sister papers, including the Modesto Bee, ran editorials praising those elected leaders for that work. That caused their colleagues at the Fresno Bee to look on with envy […]

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I love everything about this op-ed by Arthur Koster, vice-president of the Fresno City College chapter of I Will Ride, about why Millennials support high speed rail: The high-speed rail network would provide many benefits for millennials by offering faster travel and more job opportunities – both directly through the addition of high-speed rail jobs […]

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