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Today’s Long Beach Press-Telegram has a long and detailed – and quite good – article on the current status of the ancient debate over the 710 extension. The latest concept is to bore two tunnels under South Pasadena at a cost of at least $3.5 billion. But is it even necessary? Especially when there’s a […]

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The Los Angeles Times editorial board is a solidly pro-high speed rail group, but their reporting on the project is a different matter entirely. While an editorial board is free to take whatever position they want to on any issue, the articles written by reporters are supposed to be rooted in facts and free of […]

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To hear Southern Californians tell it, the weekend of July 16-17 will bring what is being called “carmageddon” – the closure of Interstate 405 through the Sepulveda Pass as part of the $1 billion widening project. While the closure will have an impact, it’s probably overstated. I am just old enough to remember the claims […]

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There is a longstanding double standard in California infrastructure planning. Freeway widening projects are simply accepted, even though their costs are enormous, even though they usually fail to improve travel conditions, and even though they have significant impacts on communities. I’ve argued before that in the case I’m most familiar with, the widening of Interstate […]

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