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An AK-47 wielding gunman opened fire today on a Thalys train headed from Amsterdam to Paris. He was subdued by two US Marines three Americans who happened to be on the train: French media said the gunman had shot a Kalashnikov on board the train, and was also armed with knives. The local paper La […]

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Been offline for most of the last week at Netroots Nation in Phoenix. Got a chance to use the city’s light rail system, which is useful even in the hot sprawl of central Arizona. • Jeff Wood’s latest podcast covers lessons from France and Germany in a conversation with a planner at the FTA. Worth […]

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Yes, there’s lots of California HSR news to cover in a surprisingly eventful December 2014, and I’ve been mostly offline in Southern California and not updating the blog. But before I catch up on that news, I want to draw attention to a truly absurd and alarming development: HSR denialism is now spreading to France, […]

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I was really pleased to see the headline of a new op-ed in the Los Angeles Times titled Don’t give up on the bullet train, California. I hoped it would be a rousing defense of the concept of high speed rail, of reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption, of moving forward on 21st century […]

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