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One of the most frustrating federal regulations regarding passenger rail has been the Federal Railroad Administration rules requiring American passenger trains using tracks shared by freight trains to be built substantially heavier than most other passenger trains around the world. This makes it impossible for American passenger rail operators to buy off-the-shelf trainsets from Europe […]

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In a move driven by the desire for new equipment on the Acela, but with implications for high speed rail in California, Amtrak is going to ask the Federal Railroad Administration to allow it to purchase and use standard HSR trainsets rather than the artificially heavy ones that current FRA crash regulations require: Amtrak will […]

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Earlier this week Kings County wrote a letter to Governor Jerry Brown asking for him to intercede on their behalf with the California High Speed Rail Authority and the Federal Railroad Administration. Only thing is, it’s not exactly clear what they want Brown to do or what their overall goals are. Kings County officials are […]

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Time to look in on the other high speed rail project in California, DesertXpress, which received its FRA Record of Decision this week. From Vegas Inc: The U.S. Transportation Department has given the green light to developers of DesertXpress to begin preliminary engineering for the $6 billion, 186-mile high-speed rail project that would link Las […]

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