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Currently there are no makers of high speed trains in the United States. Companies like Siemens have US-based facilities, but do not currently build bullet trains there. That presents a paradox to the California High Speed Rail Authority, since federal “Buy America” rules currently prevent them from buying prototype trains abroad to test in this […]

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The Federal Railroad Administration delivered some welcome news yesterday: The California High Speed Rail Authority is heaving a sigh of relief, as the Federal Railroad Administration announced its decision to give the Authority an extension on a $180 million payment. As part of the grant agreement with the FRA, the Authority initially had until April […]

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New York City is the centerpiece of America’s only high speed rail route. The Amtrak Acela has a top speed of 150 mph, though it has to often go slower on older tracks, and is profitable. Upgrading the Acela corridor to handle higher speeds is a priority that even Republicans agree on. But New York […]

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On Wednesday the Federal Railroad Administration issued its Record of Decision for the Merced to Fresno segment of the high speed rail project. This is the final regulatory hurdle for that section, clearing the path for construction to begin in early 2013: The Final EIR/EIS identifies the Hybrid alternative as the Agencies’ Preferred Alternative with […]

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