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In news that comes as no surprise to transit advocates, a USC study released this week shows that people who live near the Expo Line are driving less. Angelenos who live near an Exposition Light Rail station dramatically reduced the number of miles they drove and tripled their rail ridership after the opening of the […]

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One of the common tricks used by anti-rail forces is to assume that the initial ridership of a rail line is the best it can ever do. As we know, in fact, there’s usually about a five year curve when it comes to new high speed rail lines, where it’s only after five years do […]

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The Expo Line has only been open for a year, is only halfway complete on its journey from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, and yet it’s already seeing significant ridership growth. Neon Tommy has the story: Ridership on weekdays has been increasing at a steady clip of about 1,000 per month, reaching an estimated […]

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