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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. High speed rail is environmentally unjust? That last claim, equally as absurd as the other three given to us by George Orwell, is the latest attempt by high speed rail critics to undermine the project by claiming that it violates the principles of environmental justice: But […]

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The East Bay Express has picked up on the recent UC Berkeley/ASU study showing that California high speed rail can have a very positive environmental impact. Their article provides a good overview of the report: The researchers conducted what they called a “life-cycle assessment” of travel by automobile, airplane, and high-speed rail. The report factored […]

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This is a guest post from RL Miller, a climate activist based in Ventura County. You can follow her on Twitter as well @RL_Miller. -Robert Yesterday was the 120th birthday of the Sierra Club, founded on May 28, 1892 by John Muir with a goal to “do something for wilderness and make the mountains glad.” […]

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There are two kinds of environmentalism out there. The older kind is a 20th century environmentalism that believes the automobile society is perfectly fine – the problem is when it encroaches on open space. This kind of environmentalist looks at you quizzically when you talk about carbon emissions or sustainable transportation, but gets very worked […]

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