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Juliet Williams is a very good reporter for the AP in Sacramento, so when I take issue with some of the things in her article today on high speed rail construction impacts, I’m not criticizing her. Instead I’m wondering whether the impacts described are significant, out of the ordinary, or anything really worth worrying about: […]

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While Republicans try to undermine the process of high speed rail construction by seeking unnecessary audits, Democrats in Sacramento are working to streamline it – and save money at the same time: The California High-Speed Rail Authority could manage property it has bought for the bullet train without extra oversight under legislation now heading to […]

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Before you can start construction on high speed rail, you’ve got to own the right of way. And today the California High Speed Rail Authority was given approval to begin buying it: The state’s Public Works Board on Monday cleared the way for the California High-Speed Rail Authority to begin negotiating for property in Fresno […]

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Tim Sheehan has a good article in the Fresno Bee on farmer attitudes toward high speed rail in Madera County. And while he includes the requisite quotes from farmers convinced that high speed rail will destroy their way of life, he also included this: Juan Ureña, who owns 32 acres along the BNSF tracks at […]

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