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At an event today at Millbrae Station, elected leaders hailed the release of $39 million in Prop 1A funds to begin the Caltrain electrification project. Money was also released for the Central Subway. “We are here to reboot Caltrain,” said Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, after the California Transportation Commission voted earlier in the day to […]

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Today the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved the so-called “blended plan” that combines high speed rail service and Caltrain electrification, combining $1.5 billion in local funds, state funds (from the Prop 1A bond) and federal funds: Calling it a major “milestone” in Caltrain’s long quest to modernize its system, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission board […]

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This is big news – the California High Speed Rail Authority, Caltrain, and local governments have reached a deal to split the costs and fund Caltrain electrification and the downtown extension. This would not only provide a major, long-awaited set of improvements to Caltrain, it would help bring high speed rail service to SF and […]

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Looks like it’s Caltrain day here at the California High Speed Rail Blog. With Caltrain’s fiscal issues getting more attention, their electrification plan is – rightly, as I’ve argued – being touted as a long-term solution to Caltrain’s problems. As such, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board is moving quickly to finalize its electrification plans, […]

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