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Some Bakersfield residents, opposed to the current plan to bring bullet trains into central Bakersfield, are arguing for pause on the EIR for that portion of the route. Their argument is that the planning is flawed – but they’re only saying that because they just don’t want a downtown train station: A kind of “time […]

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Been dying to comment on the Revised Draft EIR for the Fresno to Bakersfield high speed rail section but worried you might not make the deadline? Never fear, the California High Speed Rail Authority is here to help. They’ve extended the comment period by 30 days to October 19, according to a press release sent […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority today published the Revised Draft EIR for Fresno to Bakersfield. The key details: • Hanford West bypass carried forward, along with the older Hanford East route • Along with the main “BNSF alternative”, bypasses of Corcoran, Allensworth, and Wasco/Shafter are carried forward • Once again, a UPRR/Highway 99 route […]

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Tim Sheehan at the Fresno Bee has the news that construction on the high speed rail project may begin in 2013, as opposed to this fall as originally intended. The reason: NIMBY complaints in the Central Valley have caused the California High Speed Rail Authority to make amendments to its EIR in order to address […]

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