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Once again we’re seeing that in the wake of Judge Michael Kenny’s unfavorable ruling for the high speed rail project, longtime institutional supporters are still backing the HSR project. This time it’s the San Francisco Chronicle editorializing that the project must go forward: But the decision doesn’t cancel the entire project nor does it stop […]

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The Sacramento Bee editorial board remains supportive of the high speed rail project. As with this blog, they believe that the project should not be delayed and that it ought to continue to move forward. Earlier this week they suggested a quick path to get the bonds authorized and spent: Why did the CHSRA seek […]

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The Bakersfield Californian, Kern County’s main daily newspaper, has a great editorial out calling on local elected officials to drop their recent opposition to the high speed rail project and instead work together to ensure Kern County reaps the benefits. The whole thing is worth a read, so I’ll just offer a few choice excerpts: […]

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Back in August a local TV station in Los Angeles, Fox 11, launched a misleading hatchet job on the high speed rail project. They’re at it again, this time with an editorial blasting the HSR project. And it’s as misleading as ever. At a minimum cost of $68 billion dollars, California’s high-speed rail is the […]

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