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With such brilliantly spelled headlines like this, how could I possibly disagree? “Put The Breaks On High-Speed Rail Project”: We recently reviewed some court documents that revealed top managers of California’s high-speed rail project were concerned about project delays. Delays that could threaten federal funding of the project and put taxpayers at risk for having […]

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One of the most important signs that the California high speed rail project is still viable is that its supporters remain, well, supportive. Among them is the Los Angeles Times, whose editorial board came out today with a very strong editorial backing the project. They refer to the Peer Review Report and other “expert analysis” […]

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Yesterday the LA Times opinion page asked whether they should continue to back the high speed rail project. They got a lot of responses, including yesterday’s blog post. The case was clear, compelling, and apparently convincing. Today the LA Times declared HSR to be “a worthy gamble”. The whole thing is worth reading, but they […]

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Today the LA Times opinion page asked the public whether they should continue to endorse the project or not: What do you think? Should we come out in favor of this in Friday’s pages, or opposed to this? Make your best argument, pro or con. The flippant answer would be to tell them to read […]

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