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As the United Kingdom debates building a high speed rail line from London to Manchester and Leeds, there’s a lot of discussion there that will sound familiar to Californian ears. Critics argue that the costs are too high and that the money could be better spent on something else. Supporters, including the coalition government currently […]

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One of the most important economic benefits of high speed rail to California is its ability to link larger urban areas on the coasts to smaller but significant urban areas further inland. Not only are those inland areas in need of help, but by shortening the travel time from, say, Los Angeles to Bakersfield it […]

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Republicans, including Mitt Romney, are increasingly trying to use California’s ongoing budget issues as an argument against stimulus spending, including high speed rail, and in favor of massive austerity. One of their newest talking points is that California is the Greece of the United States. Greece is a great country, but the comparison is absurd, […]

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In today’s San Francisco Chronicle, business leaders from San Francisco and Los Angeles make the economic case for the legislature to release the voter-approved bond money to begin building high speed rail: California’s $1.9 trillion economy ranks among the 10 largest in the world. However, the state’s infrastructure is straining to keep up with increased […]

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