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by Rafael (warning: long post) Introduction Caltrain Firebird is a new infrastructure and operations concept I have developed to illustrate how integrated planning and modern technology could reduce HSR implementation cost in the SF peninsula while delivering the desired aggregate throughput capacity for the corridor plus improved Caltrain service, probably at a lower operating subsidy […]

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by Rafael This post is on Caltrain’s legacy tunnels in San Francisco, how they relate to UPRR operations as well as CHSRA’s plans for reaching downtown SF, plus the issue of the stabling/light maintenance yard at the north end of the starter line. My apologies to readers in the Central Valley and Southern California for […]

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Yesterday the California Attorney General’s office responded to an August 21 letter from the Transbay Joint Powers Authority. The TJPA letter argued that it is “legally improper” for the CHSRA to study any alternatives to the Transbay Terminal as the San Francisco terminus. Deputy AG Christine Sproul, writing on behalf of AG Jerry Brown, explained […]

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Been meaning to write about this for a few days now, as those that I talked to at the Palo Alto teach-in can attest. As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve followed some of the blogs and even local news outlets, there’s quite a dispute emerging over the Transbay Terminal project, with Quentin Kopp making moves […]

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