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Right-wing Republican Assemblymember Diane Harkey, from southern Orange County, is once again trying to kill high speed rail with a bill in the legislature: AB 1455, the High-Speed Rail Lemon Law, was introduced by Harkey in January and several counties and cities across the state have already voted to support it. When initially introduced, Peninsula […]

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This news should come as no surprise – a bill by Assemblymember Diane Harkey to defund the high speed rail project died in the Assembly this week: The California Assembly Transportation Committee has rejected a proposal by an Orange County Republican that would have blocked much of the planned state debt financing for the high-speed […]

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Assemblymember Diane Harkey is a Republican from southern Orange County, and like most Republicans from that part of the county, is a total wingnut. In 2010 she proposed a bill to gut the high speed rail project by preventing the sale of the HSR bonds that California voters had approved in November 2008. The bill […]

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