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There’s a belief some credulous sources have that when California Congressional Republicans got the Trump Administration to screw Caltrain electrification that this was really an attack on high speed rail, with Caltrain as some sort of collateral damage. That’s not true, as we’ll see in a moment. But that is the story the anti-HSR folks […]

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While Valley Republican Congressmen are busy representing oil companies, their constituents are growing restless and annoyed. The Bakersfield Californian is now among them, with this editoral calling for Republicans to support HSR funding: If California high-speed rail is the boondoggle that detractors say it is, it sure has a lot of people fooled. Officials behind […]

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Back in 2007, Republican Congressmen Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy spoke out in favor of the California high speed rail project. That was back when they still represented the Central Valley. Since then, McCarthy and Nunes represent other people now – specifically the oil companies and right-wing funders like the Koch Brothers. And that’s why, […]

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Of all the bad ideas I’ve heard, this is one of the worst: A new threat to California’s bullet train plans surfaced Thursday as lawmakers including Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation that seeks to take away more than $2 billion in federal stimulus money set aside for the project and spend it making repairs to […]

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