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High speed rail from Las Vegas to Los Angeles – and perhaps the main route from SF to LA – got a big boost last week when DesertXpress and Metro signed letters to jointly plan and support high speed rail from Palmdale to Victorville. That segment is the missing link between the current DesertXpress project, […]

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The other California high speed rail project, DesertXpress, may be on the verge of landing a multi-billion dollar federal loan to begin construction. That’s according to this in-depth AP article on the project from the weekend: Privately held DesertXpress is on the verge of landing a $4.9 billion loan from the Obama administration to build […]

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The plan to connect Anaheim to Las Vegas with a maglev system appears to be dead as its chief backer, the Southern California Association of Governments, has decided to abandon it in its new transportation plan. Dug Begley of the Press-Enterprise explains the story: Transportation planners once dreamed that super-fast trains would whisk Southern Californians […]

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Last year, as costs began to rise on the Palmdale to Sylmar section of the high speed rail route (due to Army Corps of Engineers requirements that the route hew more closely to State Route 14), the California High Speed Rail Authority announced it would take another look at a Grapevine/Interstate 5 alignment, although it […]

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