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On the heels of months of favorable publicity for the DesertXpress steel-wheel HSR project, crystallized by Senator Harry Reid’s shift of support away from maglev and toward DesertXpress, the backers of the SoCal-Vegas maglev project have countered with a op-ed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal by Richann Bender, executive director of the California-Nevada Super Speed […]

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This image is about to get a makeover: That’s the map of the USDOT HSR corridors. One corridor that’s not there is Los Angeles to Las Vegas. That is changing today: The U.S. Transportation secretary will announce today the designation of a federal high-speed-rail corridor between Las Vegas and Southern California, a major assist that […]

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Some VERY welcome news from the LA Times: U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader and an ardent supporter of high speed rail systems, said today he no longer favors construction of a maglev — or magnetic levitation — train between Anaheim and Las Vegas. Instead, the Nevada Democrat said he now favors a […]

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That’s what their execs are saying: Construction crews could begin work on a proposed high-speed rail line to Las Vegas as early as next year, executives with the company behind the project said. “The strong need for the project is clear and obvious,” said Andrew Mack, vice president of Las Vegas-based DesertXpress Enterprises. The devil […]

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