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As the state legislature debates releasing the voter-approved high speed rail bond funds, it’s worth reminding Californians that the rest of the planet is already moving full speed ahead with building bullet trains. The San Jose Mercury News took a look at the global expansion of HSR over the weekend: The International Union of Railways […]

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(Note: Made some edits to this post to correct some errors regarding Aaron Renn’s role in HSR discussions and urbanism.) Aaron Renn claims “High Speed Rail is Dead”. After claiming that the public perceives the stimulus to have been a failure (not sure about that) and pointing out that teabagger governors elected in 2010 turned […]

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The city of Fresno last week released a first draft of high speed rail station area concepts – the city’s initial effort to lay out the plan for the HSR station and the surrounding area. The station will be located along the Union Pacific tracks between Fresno and Tulare streets downtown, near the Fulton Mall. […]

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A common argument leveled against high speed rail by HSR deniers is that it can’t work in the US outside the Northeast Corridor because we are a nation of suburban sprawl, and since the proposed routes lack density, they’re not good candidates for HSR. Arguments like these are reasons why we use the label “HSR […]

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