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Back in 2007, Republican Congressmen Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy spoke out in favor of the California high speed rail project. That was back when they still represented the Central Valley. Since then, McCarthy and Nunes represent other people now – specifically the oil companies and right-wing funders like the Koch Brothers. And that’s why, […]

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Congressman Dennis Cardoza slammed the proposed Borden-Corcoran HSR construction route last week with strong language, calling it a “Thanksgiving Day fraud.” Cardoza is today stepping up his criticism of the route selection and the California High Speed Rail Authority. Because Cardoza, a Democrat, was instrumental in bringing HSR funds to the Central Valley, his criticisms […]

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In the wake of yesterday’s announcement that Madera-Corcoran be the starting point for HSR construction in California, project supporters in Merced, which was not included in the first segment, have expressed their outrage at the choice. Their primary concern is that the California High Speed Rail Authority staff assessment of the proposed starting point gave […]

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Yesterday’s Merced Sun-Star ran an op-ed from Central Valley Congressman Dennis Cardoza on high speed rail. In addition to rallying the public to support the project, he also weighed in on some important issues about the project planning in the Merced area. First, the big picture: Both locally and statewide, we are lagging behind as […]

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