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At least here in California, according to Caltrans and Amtrak, who partner to operate the Amtrak California intercity routes: Californians are leaving their cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks at home and riding trains instead in unprecedented numbers. Today, Caltrans and Amtrak reported a record-setting 5.5 million passengers rode California’s state-supported intercity passenger trains in federal […]

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That’s the question being pondered by one Kent Amberson in a letter to the Merced Sun-Star this morning. While one LTE in a smallish newspaper might not normally be worth talking about, I do believe that our work to promote the usefulness, value, and need for high speed rail continues after Prop 1A’s passage. It’s […]

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Below is a repost of a Yes on Prop 1A article written by a good friend of mine who blogs as “wu ming” (Mandarin for “anonymous”) at Surf Putah, a blog based in Davis. It’s an excellent overview of not just the case for Prop 1A, but why Central Valley voters, even those who won’t […]

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I had hoped we’d dealt with this when it popped up at Daily Kos yesterday – the commenters there gave it a thorough smackdown – but unfortunately it’s appeared across the blogosphere today, helped by the credulous and fundamentally uninformed Kevin Drum (I still don’t understand why Mother Jones would hire a moderate to blog […]

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