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Last week the California State Senate joined Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to announce their proposal to use the more than $1 billion in annual cap-and-trade revenues. It’s a great plan that would finally deliver serious, stable revenues to transit and high speed rail in California. Here’s the detailed plan: • 25% for transit operations […]

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Political leaders in Sacramento are debating how exactly to allocate cap-and-trade revenues, and high speed rail is a part of that discussion – as Dan Walters explains: Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2014-15 budget would spend $850 million, with his financially troubled bullet train receiving $250 million, plus a guaranteed one-third of future revenues. [Legislative Analyst Mac] […]

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State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg today announced a new proposal to guide the use of California’s cap-and-trade revenues. It includes earmarking 20% of those revenues for the high speed rail project: In addition to permanent funding sources for affordable housing and mass transit, the strategy (available here) also provides a permanent source of […]

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Assembly Republicans keep trying to defund the California high speed rail project – and they keep failing: The Assembly Transportation Committee turned down a bill by Assembly Member Jim Patterson to prohibit spending federal grant money on a high-speed train project until the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority has approved matching funds. Patterson and his fellow […]

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