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Dan Richard has been a revelation as chair of the California High Speed Rail Authority board. He has consistently and effectively pushed back against critics of the HSR system, and his most recent effort is a classic example. In today’s San Jose Mercury News Richards slams Stuart Flashman and Michael Brady, two of the most […]

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James Fallows’s series at the Atlantic is really getting good. Chris Reed of U-T San Diego, a right-wing ideologue and a notorious opponent of HSR, called Fallows “clueless” about the bullet train. But Fallows has dealt with fools before, and wasn’t about to be intimidated by Reed. Fallows turned to California High Speed Rail Authority […]

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On Friday the Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters, a longtime opponent of high speed rail, claimed that the California High Speed Rail Authority’s decision to challenge its critics in court was a “test of political integrity” for Governor Jerry Brown, insinuating that the actions being taken in support of the HSR project lacked such integrity. It […]

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California High Speed Rail Authority board chairman Dan Richard has told a Fresno TV station that the long-anticipated groundbreaking for the first part of the high speed rail project will begin “soon”: Groundbreaking on the first segment of California’s high speed rail project is still scheduled to take place this summer. At a meeting in […]

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