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Anaheim’s new train station, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center – aka ARTIC – has been open for less than two weeks. But it’s already drawing some criticism inside Orange County. Gustavo Arellano, the editor in chief of the OC Weekly, has a feature this week calling ARTIC a $188 million station to nowhere: Critics […]

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Former chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority Board and former mayor of Anaheim Curt Pringle has resigned his seat on the board this week: Former Anaheim Mayor and Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle resigned from the California High-Speed Rail Authority Board today, saying in a letter he would like to focus on a his […]

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This will have to be a quick post – at today’s board meeting the California High Speed Rail Authority unanimously chose Orange County Democrat Tom Umberg to serve as their chair. He will serve a 1-year term, and can be re-elected to a second 1-year term but can only serve two consecutive terms. From a […]

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One of the best radio shows in California is Warren Olney’s Which Way, L.A.? I’ve had the pleasure to be a guest on a few occasions, but today was Curt Pringle’s turn to debate the high speed rail project with James Moore, author of the absurd anti-HSR op-ed that we debunked yesterday. You can listen […]

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