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Today we finally learned the details of Elon Musk’s much-hyped Hyperloop. And while some readers may expect me to trash it, I actually think it’s a pretty awesome idea. What’s not to love about getting from SF to LA in 30 minutes? Sign me up! The Hyperloop does have some significant technical challenges facing it, […]

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For much of the last week we’ve been consumed with the news coming out of the Bay Area, from the Menlo Park Town Hall to the Atherton v. CHSRA decision (which both occurred on Wednesday, making that one of the more HSR-heavy days I’ve had lately). But I wanted to pause for a moment to […]

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Robert J. Samuelson is one of the more right-wing writers at the Washington Post. His previous columns have proposed privatizing Medicare, for example, just to give you a picture of who we are dealing with. And like Ed Glaeser and Ed Morris before him, he has decided to bring a right-wing frame to his attack […]

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Yesterday we looked at Edward Glaeser’s silly attack on HSR in the New York Times’ Economix Blog. Today we have another attack on HSR in the New York Times – this time from Eric Morris at the Freakonomics Blog. Ryan Avent summed it up well via Twitter: Eric Morris closes HSR series by referring readers […]

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