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The California High Speed Rail Authority has published several new animations of the alternatives for the Palmdale to Burbank segment of the project. These include routes on the Highway 14 corridor and the various proposals to tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains. Each is embedded below. First up, the Highway 14 alignment, which is the […]

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It’s become clear in recent weeks that one of the main challenges facing the California high speed rail project, now that it’s navigated most of the initial political, legal, and financial hurdles, is the anemic pace of land acquisition. Tim Sheehan at the Fresno Bee takes a closer look at the issue and concludes part […]

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Tutor Perini has a reputation for bidding low and then making more money on a contract via change orders and litigation. Are we seeing the first signs of that on high speed rail? Our old buddy Ralph Vartabedian drew attention to a possible Tutor claim against the state for HSR delays: The contractor building the […]

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In 2012 the state legislature mandated that the California High Speed Rail Authority provide a status report on the HSR project twice a year, on March 1 and on November 15. It’s early March, and so the CHSRA has submitted its first project update of 2015. The whole document provides a good, comprehensive look at […]

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