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A week after an Assembly committee held a hearing on the 2016 Business Plan, a State Senate committee held its own high speed rail hearing – and Senators wanted to see a stronger financing plan: “We want to see a strategy, like how are we going to get from here to there,” Sen. Jim Beall, […]

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The Assembly Transportation Committee held hearings on the 2016 Business Plan of the high speed rail project, an event that turned into a forum for moderate Democrats to vent some of their frustrations with California High Speed Rail leaders. But first up were questions about the cap-and-trade funds, rooted in a typically flawed and alarmist […]

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In a ruling that should not surprise anybody, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny sided with the California High Speed Rail Authority against Kings County and Peninsula NIMBYs who had sued to stop the HSR project. Plaintiffs claimed that the current plans did not meet Proposition 1A requirements. The judge did not agree. We’ll post […]

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I’m a big fan of Michael Hiltzik, columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Often he writes intelligently about economic issues. This time, he has an insightful column about high speed rail, calling it “troubled but necessary.” It’s a strong defense of the importance of this project: One can debate the authority’s numbers or the true […]

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