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Big news out of Nevada today, where XpressWest has announced its funding deal with China is dead: Las Vegas-based XpressWest said the decision to end the relationship stemmed from problems with “timely performance” and challenges that the Chinese companies, grouped under a consortium called China Railway International (CRI), faced “obtaining required authority to proceed with […]

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I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks, and one reason for the delay: the price of oil keeps falling. West Texas crude broke the $30 mark yesterday – as in, it closed below $30 for the first time in over a decade: What’s going on here? Whatever happened to those predictions of […]

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During the Great Recession, China chose to stimulate its economy through massive infrastructure projects – including building out a national high speed rail system. But after a few years, criticism began to mount amidst growing problems. The Wenzhou disaster in 2011 showed China had serious problems in terms of managing the rapid growth of the […]

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Well this is certainly big news – if not entirely unexpected. China has announced plans to help build the XpressWest high speed rail project that will, eventually, link Los Angeles to Las Vegas via Palmdale and Victorville: XpressWest agreed this month to form a joint venture with China Railway International USA Co. to build and […]

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