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China’s rail expansion in recent years has gotten a lot of global attention. But a new proposal floated last week in a Beijing newspaper is of a different kind entirely. According reports, China is considering building a rail line to the continental U.S. via Russia, the Bering Strait, Alaska, and Canada: China is considering plans […]

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One of the main reasons to build high speed rail in California is to lure passengers away from airlines, which spew huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, and put them onto bullet trains powered by renewable electricity. All over the world we’ve seen how riders will make the shift from planes to trains once […]

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Just five years ago China was just beginning to develop its high speed rail network. It wasn’t much further along than the United States. But with a huge amount of economic stimulus funding, China has networked much of their country, one that is roughly the size of the continental USA. And as the New York […]

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As part of his trip to China, Governor Jerry Brown, California High Speed Rail Authority board chairman Dan Richard, and the press pool following them took the high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai today. It was not only a good opportunity for the governor and the board chairman to experience Chinese HSR up close, […]

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