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The State of Illinois has completed its study of high speed rail and concluded it would carry millions of riders and operate without subsidy. (Not that there’s anything wrong with subsidies.) Crain’s has a good overview: It would start at O’Hare International Airport and take just 127 minutes to reach downtown St. Louis, stopping at […]

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Good news out of Illinois today as the state and federal governments have reached a deal on high speed rail between Chicago and St. Louis: Illinois Transportation Secretary Gary Hannig today announced that a historic public-private partnership agreement on high-speed rail development is in place to bring Illinois one giant step closer to achieving high-speed […]

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by Rafael Earlier today, Southeastern Rail in the UK conducted the first trial run of its “Olympic Javelin” service based on its new Japanese-built electric class 395 trains. The service will shuttle passengers from St. Pancras station in downtown London to the sports arenas being constructed for the 2012 summer Olympics near Stratford station on […]

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by Robert Cruickshank Joseph Boardman was in Chicago talking to Illinois lawmakers about high speed trains, and threw cold water on hopes of implementing a California-style HSR system in the Midwest: Introducing ultra-fast passenger trains to the Midwest is less important than the need for more frequent service between cities, reliable schedules that beat the […]

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