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One of the more absurd attacks being leveled against California high speed rail lately is that it’s somehow “drought-intolerant.” This is absurd, as CityLab’s Laura Bliss explains: Yes, it does. To pan high-speed rail (HSR) on the basis of the drought is short-sighted. Low-density development uses more water than high-density development does. HSR will encourage […]

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Last week the California High Speed Rail Authority received an in-depth, 176-page report examining California High-Speed Rail and the Central Valley Economy. Assembled by Tony Oliveira and Parsons Brinckerhoff, the study shows that high speed rail will provide a major economic boost to the Central Valley – especially if it is built without delay. The […]

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There’s so much to love about this op-ed by Kathleen Sharp that appeared in the New York Times yesterday, “150 Years of Working on the Railroad”, and not just because my ancestors left County Galway to wind up in California as hers did. She has nailed all the arguments for high speed rail, while also […]

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Tutor Perini won the bid for the first segment of HSR construction – but they didn’t wind the second bid. That went to a team led by Spain’s Dragados, alongside Flatiron West of San Marcos and Shimmick of Oakland: Dragados/Flatiron/Shimmick submitted a bid of $1.23 billion to design and build the 65-mile stretch from the […]

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