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So far, the costs of building high speed rail have come in under budget, going by the contracts issued so far for construction segments in the Central Valley. That’s a very good sign for a project that critics deride as a costly boondoggle. But many of those critics think the real bill is yet to […]

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I love everything about this op-ed by Arthur Koster, vice-president of the Fresno City College chapter of I Will Ride, about why Millennials support high speed rail: The high-speed rail network would provide many benefits for millennials by offering faster travel and more job opportunities – both directly through the addition of high-speed rail jobs […]

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One of the more absurd attacks being leveled against California high speed rail lately is that it’s somehow “drought-intolerant.” This is absurd, as CityLab’s Laura Bliss explains: Yes, it does. To pan high-speed rail (HSR) on the basis of the drought is short-sighted. Low-density development uses more water than high-density development does. HSR will encourage […]

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Last week the California High Speed Rail Authority received an in-depth, 176-page report examining California High-Speed Rail and the Central Valley Economy. Assembled by Tony Oliveira and Parsons Brinckerhoff, the study shows that high speed rail will provide a major economic boost to the Central Valley – especially if it is built without delay. The […]

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