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In what should come as no surprise for reasons that I’ll explain in a moment, the completion of construction on the Central Valley portion of the California High Speed Rail project has been delayed by four years to 2022: The first segment of California’s first-in-the-nation bullet-train project, currently scheduled for completion in 2018, will not […]

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That new ballot initiative we discussed on Sunday isn’t doing so well with the public. The opposition to the initiative tweeted out this morning polling results from FM 3 that found only 42% of voters back the initiative – typically a death sentence for any ballot initiative: New Poll: Water grab measure has weak support […]

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The right-wing proposal to steal the remaining high speed rail bond funds and put them toward building new reservoirs isn’t getting off to a great start. Last week a group of Central Valley farmers lined up to denounce the proposal as a raid on their water rights: They singled out for criticism a section that […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority yesterday unveiled its draft 2016 Business Plan – including the decision to move the Initial Operating Segment to Northern California. The highlights, as described in the plan’s executive summary: Funding – The funding authorized by the Governor and Legislature, by the federal government and the people of California is […]

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