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Yesterday the California Legislature approved the 2014-15 budget. It includes $250 million for high speed rail, and will give 25% of cap-and-trade revenues to HSR in future years. At the floor debate in the Senate over the budget, Senator Cathleen Galgiani – a longtime supporter of HSR – offered what she called a Smarter, Faster […]

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High speed rail supporters have a lot to be thankful for. In 2012 the project survived a major vote in the State Senate, withstood a court challenge, and saw President Barack Obama, who has provided crucial support, re-elected. Many people deserve our thanks for this good fortune, perhaps none more than Cathleen Galgiani. Since 2008 […]

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Thanks to Bruce McF for agreeing to let me post this article here. It’s a good look at how the right and the oil companies are using high speed rail as a bludgeon against pro-HSR candidates in California. -Robert Crossposted from Daily Kos Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence One of the biggest […]

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Hanford is still up in arms about potentially losing Amtrak service – a position I continue to find bizarre, since they also oppose the high speed rail project that would bring a lot more riders to their town and give residents more places to travel. The latest news, however, should be encouraging for Hanford Amtrak […]

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