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Literally the very first post on this blog back in March 2008 was about concern that high speed rail could be broken up into pieces as regional agencies and groups try to pry apart the HSR project’s funding. Fast forward eight years and it’s clear that concern has never really gone away. Caltrain electrification is […]

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Yesterday the California Legislature approved the 2014-15 budget. It includes $250 million for high speed rail, and will give 25% of cap-and-trade revenues to HSR in future years. At the floor debate in the Senate over the budget, Senator Cathleen Galgiani – a longtime supporter of HSR – offered what she called a Smarter, Faster […]

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High speed rail supporters have a lot to be thankful for. In 2012 the project survived a major vote in the State Senate, withstood a court challenge, and saw President Barack Obama, who has provided crucial support, re-elected. Many people deserve our thanks for this good fortune, perhaps none more than Cathleen Galgiani. Since 2008 […]

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Thanks to Bruce McF for agreeing to let me post this article here. It’s a good look at how the right and the oil companies are using high speed rail as a bludgeon against pro-HSR candidates in California. -Robert Crossposted from Daily Kos Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence One of the biggest […]

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