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As mandated by Proposition 1A, the California High Speed Rail Authority is beginning its process of studying the Altamont Corridor alignment. Have a look at their announcement newsletter for some details. The project corridor is defined as San José to Stockton, with a possible spur to Modesto: As you can tell, this is basically an […]

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by Robert Cruickshank Leaving no doubt as to where he stands on high speed rail (he hateses it!) Palo Alto Vice Mayor Jack Morton, who misrepresented reality to the Senate Budget Subcommittee last week in Sacramento is now demanding that the CHSRA be abolished: Vice Mayor Jack Morton of Palo Alto caught City Council colleagues […]

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Busy here in SoCal for the weekend, and heading back up to Monterey tomorrow on the Coast Starlight. So this post will have to suffice for Sunday and Monday. I’m sure you all can manage. Bart Reed of the Transit Coalition was on LA CityView earlier this week defending the pro side on Prop 1A […]

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According to the Secretary of State’s office, Sunday August 24 is the real, true, absolute drop-deadline to put AB 3034 on the ballot as Prop 1A. Apparently county election officials are under pressure to move ahead with ballot printing and can’t delay much further. It is possible, depending on exactly what the Legislature does over […]

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