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The Public Policy Institute of California is out with a new poll that found strong support for AB 32, for cap-and-trade, and for other actions to tackle climate change – even if those actions aren’t cheap: Ten years after California enacted AB 32, the landmark law mandating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, strong majorities […]

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Republicans, such as Congressman Kevin McCarthy, love to argue that the state is wasting money on high speed rail when they should be spending it on addressing the drought. Of course, building high speed rail is addressing the drought, as HSR will help reduce the carbon emissions that threaten to make California’s drought a permanent […]

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Tuesday’s high speed rail groundbreaking in Fresno has been, by all accounts, a big success. The event itself was fairly standard – lots of speeches from elected officials, including Governor Jerry Brown. Instead of turning dirt with shovels, dignitaries signed rails. The media coverage has been very positive, solidifying California’s pro-HSR political consensus and making […]

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Just two days after the historic People’s Climate March, Republican candidate for governor of California Neel Kashkari has decided to celebrate by inviting people to a Burbank gas station to smash a toy “crazy train” (that’d be his term for high speed rail) and in return get a $25 gift card for gasoline. Seriously. First […]

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