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It’s Earth Day 2014, but few in the climate activism movement feel much like celebrating. After a hopeful few years in the late ’00s, progress on reducing CO2 emissions has ground nearly to a halt everywhere in North America outside of California. And even within California that progress has slowed. The climate crisis continues to […]

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A recent study from the UCLA Lewis Center argued high speed rail is less cost effective at reducing CO2 emissions than investing in local transportation projects such as buses, light rail, and bike/pedestrian infrastructure. There are a lot of flaws with this report, starting with the idea that we should pit different CO2 reduction methods […]

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The Legislative Analyst’s Office is a good source for statistical analysis of the state budget. If you want to know the potential financial impact of a particular proposal, or how much revenue a new tax might bring in, or what the state’s long-term debt looks like, they’re likely to give you good, informative answers. But […]

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Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle, a reporter who I like a lot, decided to stir the pot yesterday with an article looking at Gavin Newsom’s newfound opposition to high speed rail. Marinucci touted other Newsom positions he took earlier than others that became widely adopted, like support for marriage equality and marijuana legalization. […]

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