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Amtrak today announced that fiscal year 2013, which ended on September 30, saw record ridership for the railroad: Amtrak carried a record 31.6 million passengers in fiscal-year 2013, which marked the railroad’s 10th ridership record in the past 11 fiscal years. During FY2013, which ended Sept. 30, Amtrak’s state-supported corridor services logged a new record […]

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It’s one of the oldest stories on this blog – Amtrak California continues to add riders and set new records, showing strong growth. And that’s not a sudden shift, but a long-term trend showing clear demand for intercity passenger rail. The most recent numbers are from August 2012, courtesy of the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers […]

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At the core of opposition to high speed rail is a simple assumption: that Californians are somehow inherently opposed to riding trains. California’s “car culture” is supposedly one where people are so fanatically devoted to their automobiles that they’d rather sit in traffic and spend lots of money on gas rather than use a train […]

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The FRA today announced recipients of an $80 million grant program for HSR and intercity rail. Florida’s HSR project received by far the largest share of funds, $66 million, but California wasn’t left out. $6.2 million went to the Capitol Corridor: $6,200,000 for track relocation work in California on the Capitol Corridor which will help […]

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