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Reporters in California, as is the case around the country, are trained to find controversy and build their stories around it. This is especially true of anything involving government. When government gets something right, it never gets the kind of attention that allegations of government wrongdoing receive. This plays itself out in high speed rail […]

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There are two discussions that happen regarding ridership on the California high speed rail project. One is absurd and one is necessary. The absurd discussion is the one that dominates conversation and media coverage. It revolves around the question “will anyone ride the trains?” And the necessary discussion is the one that is generally ignored, […]

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There were two important high speed rail reports released this week in California. One of them, by CALPIRG, showed how HSR is a clear success around the world, having no trouble meeting its ridership goals and improving transportation. The other, by the Berkeley Institute for Transportation Studies, questioned some of the assumptions of the HSR […]

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There’s a disturbing trend in recent “official” reports on the high speed rail project. Authored by people who either do not understand HSR or who have shown opposition to HSR, these reports take known uncertainties, turn them into controversies, and slap an indefensible but high-profile, overstated conclusion about how their findings suggest huge problems with […]

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