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Today the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington, joined by the premier of British Columbia, announced a new Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy today in San Francisco. The plan lays out several steps the four states and provinces agree to take together to reduce carbon emissions and support clean energy. One of […]

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So, this is a pretty ridiculous article: This is the piece in which I out myself about California’s high-speed rail mistake. Let’s face it, now is not the time to be spending a decent size country’s GDP on a fast train between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Instead we should be spending that fortune completing […]

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The Economist takes a look at the argument that appeared in the Washington Monthly recently calling for a “compromise” solution to the high speed rail debate that would simply abandon true high speed rail. This blog called that a failed effort to find moderate ground, and The Economist appears to agree. Instead of scaling back […]

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Wisconsin and Ohio weren’t the only two states who elected right-wing extremists as governor on November 2. Florida elected Rick Scott, whose stance on high speed rail is hard to pin down. In recent days, however, Scott has been more vocal in his criticisms of the project, leading the Orlando Sentinel to attack Scott in […]

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