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Today the California High Speed Rail Authority released its draft 2014 Business Plan. Overall it is a very positive document showing that the cost estimates are largely the same (actually a bit smaller, but not by much) while ridership estimates are higher. It also quantifies the economic benefits of the system, which are an important […]

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According to the Sacramento Bee: The latest plan for building a California bullet train system got a very conditional blessing Tuesday from a “peer review committee” of transportation experts. Will Kempton, the veteran transportation official who heads the committee, told a Senate hearing that the latest revision is “measurably improved” from previous versions. “It’s more […]

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In the wake of the new California high speed rail business plan, which calls for sharing tracks with other passenger rail services in some urban areas, some are charging that this means the service will merely be “commuter rail” in those urban areas, according to the Voice of OC: Political reality is scaling down California’s […]

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Today the Los Angeles Times reported that the revised draft business plan includes a shift back to the original plan – the high speed rail extension to Anaheim will not be part of the first phase of construction after all: In a blow to Orange County’s hopes for a boost to business and tourism, the […]

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