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It looks like the California High Speed Rail Authority has decided to move ahead on finishing up the environmental review process for the other parts of Phase I for the high speed rail project. Last week it was the Peninsula, particularly Palo Alto, that was reminded this project still existed and was moving ahead. This […]

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Last Saturday RailPAC held what was a fantastic event at MTA headquarters in Los Angeles, bringing together rail advocates from across the state and even the nation to speak about the future of passenger rail in California, with an emphasis on high speed rail. I was only able to attend the morning session, but found […]

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As a result of the CHSRA agreeing to study track sharing between LA and Anaheim, the EIR for that segment, which was to be released next month, will instead be released in January 2011: David M. Thomson, an engineer with the consulting firm STV, said the rail authority has pushed back publication of its draft […]

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As high speed rail planning proceeds along the proposed SF-LA-Anaheim route, more details become known, and more potential conflicts and obstacles appear. That’s an inevitable aspect of planning a project this significant and this big. It’s also an unfortunate side effect of the CHSRA having been a sparsely-funded agency for so many years, making it […]

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