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Yesterday the California Legislature approved the 2014-15 budget. It includes $250 million for high speed rail, and will give 25% of cap-and-trade revenues to HSR in future years. At the floor debate in the Senate over the budget, Senator Cathleen Galgiani – a longtime supporter of HSR – offered what she called a Smarter, Faster […]

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Last week the California State Senate joined Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to announce their proposal to use the more than $1 billion in annual cap-and-trade revenues. It’s a great plan that would finally deliver serious, stable revenues to transit and high speed rail in California. Here’s the detailed plan: • 25% for transit operations […]

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Governor Jerry Brown issued the May Revise for the state budget yesterday, and one provision has some transit advocates unhappy. The governor’s budget proposed to loan cap-and-trade funds to the general fund, which are promised to be repaid but it’s not entirely clear how that would work: Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his budget for […]

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Republicans, including Mitt Romney, are increasingly trying to use California’s ongoing budget issues as an argument against stimulus spending, including high speed rail, and in favor of massive austerity. One of their newest talking points is that California is the Greece of the United States. Greece is a great country, but the comparison is absurd, […]

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