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Last night S&P downgraded United States debt from AAA to AA+. It’s the first time the US has been downgraded, and there’s been a lot of discussion about whether S&P is a credible agency making credible judgments. They gave Lehman Brothers a AAA rating a month before their collapse in 2008, there have been persistent […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a good governor on TV, although he has shown himself to be one of the worst governors of all time when it actually comes to policymaking. This is especially true of high speed rail. On TV he has often spoken glowingly of HSR and did so again on Meet The Press last […]

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When I was growing up in Orange County, it seemed like every election we were voting on whether to turn the old Marine Corps air base at El Toro into an airport or not. One year voters said yes, the next year no, and on and on until finally, in the late ’90s, voters again […]

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Apparently 2010 isn’t going to spare us the flawed and short-sighted editorials attacking HSR. This weekend brought yet another one, this time from the Riverside Press-Enterprise. The irony of newspapers, which have seen their business model collapse, their circulation numbers and revenues fall off a cliff, and are in many cases mere shells of their […]

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