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by Rafael Introduction One of the decisions that CHSRA has yet to make is whether there should be an HSR station between Millbrae/SFO and San Jose Diridon and if so, where it should be sited. The candidates under consideration are Redwood City, Palo Alto and Mountain View. We last posted on this still-open issue of […]

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Trains are wonderful, but they usually don’t stop at the origin nor at the destination of passengers’ journeys. This is especially true of medium-to-long-distance itineraries. Instead, a train trip generally consists of at least three parts: getting to the station, riding the train and connecting transportation from the station at the other end. In addition, […]

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UPDATE by Robert: Sen. Kit Bond, Republican from Missouri, is offering two anti-transit amendments – including one that would kill the $2 billion in high speed rail funding currently in the Senate version of the stimulus. Contact both Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to let them know those amendments must be defeated – and while […]

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