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Note from Robert: This post is by Clem Tillier, who runs the excellent Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog. In late 2009, Mikhail Chester and Arpad Horvath of Berkeley’s Institute for Transportation Studies published a paper entitled “Life-cycle assessment of high-speed rail: the case of California” in the academic journal Environmental Research Letters. This paper received some […]

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Growing up in Southern California, where the car was king (because alternatives had been deconstructed and systematically defunded), I would often look at Northern California – and the Bay Area in particular – as a model of how California could be done better. More sustainably, more fairly, more progressively. In 1995, on my first trip […]

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45 years ago, there was a major controversy over planning a passenger rail line in a Bay Area college town. The prospect of an aerial structure freaked out many residents, who insisted the tracks be buried. Ultimately, they took it on themselves to pay for the extra cost of a tunnel, floating a bond and […]

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