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This map, originally put together by @mistersketchee, imagines the BART system if it had the same amount of routes and trains as the New York City subway: That’s three or four Transbay Tubes, along with a crossing of the Golden Gate, and significant new coverage in San Francisco, the East Bay, and more. I’m sure […]

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New data from the US Census Bureau has found that Northern California has the largest proportion of “mega-commuters” in the country – defined as morning commutes of at least 50 miles and 90 minutes. The numbers aren’t huge – 2% of workers in the Bay Area core are mega-commuters – but it is a clear […]

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I saw Matt Yglesias’s post on Los Angeles’s transit expansion get passed around a lot online yesterday. It seems as if everybody’s writing their “omg LA is building huge amounts of transit!” post, and that’s great, it helps sustain momentum for more rail and shifts the view of LA away from being car-dependent. Maybe that […]

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With Curt Pringle’s recent resignation from the California High Speed Rail Authority board, Governor Jerry Brown had another opportunity to make an appointment to the board. Yesterday he announced his choice: Dan Richard. Richard and Brown have deep ties, as Richard served in the Brown Administration in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a […]

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