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Well, this is unfortunate: Two of Gov. Jerry Brown’s favorite projects — building a high-speed rail system and a pair of massive tunnels under the Delta — face a serious threat if California voters pass a measure heading for the November ballot. The “No Blank Checks Initiative,” bankrolled with $4.5 million from Stockton farmer and […]

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The effort to steal water and HSR money isn’t going to be on the ballot this year after all. A series of bad polls combined with the high cost of gathering signatures means that proponents are delaying to 2018 – if ever: The campaign, led by Republican Bob Huff, the former Senate minority leader, and […]

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That new ballot initiative we discussed on Sunday isn’t doing so well with the public. The opposition to the initiative tweeted out this morning polling results from FM 3 that found only 42% of voters back the initiative – typically a death sentence for any ballot initiative: New Poll: Water grab measure has weak support […]

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The right-wing proposal to steal the remaining high speed rail bond funds and put them toward building new reservoirs isn’t getting off to a great start. Last week a group of Central Valley farmers lined up to denounce the proposal as a raid on their water rights: They singled out for criticism a section that […]

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