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The California High Speed Rail Authority board is meeting in Bakersfield today. You can view the agenda here and watch it live here. One of the subjects under discussion will be the route through Bakersfield: Currently, there are two proposed alignments. The first was created by the Authority and has undergone a full environmental review. […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority released the Supplemental Alternatives Analysis for the Burbank to Los Angeles section of the high speed rail project, and it includes some notable changes: Based on the additional design work, outreach, and analysis conducted after the 2014 SAA, this 2016 SAA recommends eliminating the following 2014 SAA alignment alternatives […]

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To say that the Bakersfield City Council is not pleased by the proposal for a temporary, interim termination of the Initial Operating Segment just short of their city would be putting it mildly: Admitting the California High Speed Rail Authority would likely pay it no attention, the City Council still voted 7-0 to approve comments […]

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The California High Speed Rail Authority yesterday unveiled its draft 2016 Business Plan – including the decision to move the Initial Operating Segment to Northern California. The highlights, as described in the plan’s executive summary: Funding – The funding authorized by the Governor and Legislature, by the federal government and the people of California is […]

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