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Unemployment in Spain is at 27% and that means the whole country is struggling, especially under the weight of cruel, damaging, and entirely unnecessary austerity measures forced on the nation by external powers. In that situation it’s no surprise that Spain’s AVE high speed trains saw a dip in ridership in 2012. But it may […]

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As the United Kingdom debates building a high speed rail line from London to Manchester and Leeds, there’s a lot of discussion there that will sound familiar to Californian ears. Critics argue that the costs are too high and that the money could be better spent on something else. Supporters, including the coalition government currently […]

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The Fresno Bee’s Tim Sheehan has published another entry in his series on Spanish high speed rail, this one focusing on HSR’s impact on farms and smaller mid-line cities. It’s much more useful for his Fresno audience, although the article is syndicated around the state. This article, in contrast to his previous article on HSR […]

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One of the most successful high speed rail systems in the world is Spain’s Alta Velocidad Española, or AVE for short. Operated by RENFE, Spain’s public rail service, the AVE trains debuted in 1992 connecting Madrid to Sevilla. In 2008 the long-awaited Madrid to Barcelona route opened and within two years took over half the […]

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