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Our focus all week has been on the decision about where to start building HSR in the Central Valley – but there was another important piece of news this week. The Attorney General’s office issued an opinion on the charge that Curt Pringle and Richard Katz held “incompatible offices” by virtue of their position on […]

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Fresh on the heels of the Feinstein/Boxer letter calling for any federal HSR money rejected by states such as Wisconsin and Ohio to be given to California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has authored a similar letter: November 16, 2010 The Honorable Raymond H. LaHood Secretary of Transportation 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20590 Dear […]

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Back in February, a meeting of the Pacific Coast Collaborative saw Arnold Schwarzenegger call for a San Diego-Vancouver BC high speed rail linkas part of a regional transportation plan: He also said that developing a high-speed rail from San Diego all the way to Vancouver is crucial. “It makes no sense for our trains to […]

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Last week Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger line item vetoed a provision in the 2010-11 state budget trying funding for the California High Speed Rail Authority to “fiscal accountability measures” laid out by the state legislature: The Legislature’s provision would have required the California High-Speed Rail Authority to address problems outlined in reports from the Legislative Analyst’s […]

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